The Expo

So...whenever I am with my sister, we have a great time together as we, just chill out.

Seriously, we never fight and it's always a good time where we don't pressure one another to do anything...

So on the way from San Jose to Monteray, we chat...catch up and well she tells me about her day and night before I had arrived (since she had gotten in the night before).

So...we finally make it to Moneray, park and try to look for the expo...where we have a hard time going one place to another. Then finally find it to find our bibs, the guy that plays the piano playing in the foyer area and then get our bibs...then tickets to the bus...then tickets to the after party (where...out of the blue, we hear our names being called. First my name and then her's). Which is weird right?

I mean usually whenever I hear my name being called, I know that person...but here...it took a while and similarly that it was my sister being called as well. The face I sort of recognized, although before I could guess, the person formally introduced himself to us...it was JM. Who we have been keeping in touch with only over facebook, that he has been keeping in shape and doing marathons/trithlons. But it was weird being called out and being reunited with a fellow high school mate (he was in my sister's grade, but just an acquaintance...)

Anyways, we caught up a bit and then split, wishing each other well in the race. He was doing the same as I with the B2B challenge, as he was going to try to do better in Big Sur than in Boston.

We went around the expo, my sister was looking for a running skirt and I went around to find some sunscreen at the Birkenstock booth, where I had to try on a pair to get sunscreen. I did...and received sunscreen and then we were out of the expo and onto getting free socks!

Here is a video taken with my sister and I about our free socks!

After that, we went to find our hotel, which we had a little bit of trouble finding, but finally made it there...got in, strolled around town and found that there were wine tasting places...(Which we would have to wait till tomorrow after the race to try out)

Then...we were in search of some food...dinner and pasta/italian places. We found a place, only to find that many have been reserved until 8:45...no way! We found a place with chef side seating, where we actually found amusement in that as we again messed around with the video camera that I had boughten.

We ate...then we quickly got home as chilly as the night was and then slowly got ready for tomorrow's early wake up call and marathon...
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