I find life harder and harder to understand. As I walk through the city tonight, I find myself more confused as ever. What are we actually here for? Why are we here on earth?

What do we look forward to? What makes us really happy?

I can honestly say that I have not been myself recently. I have not been the happy go lucky person that I have been...I find myself harder and harder to be myself and the character of who I am.

I have found that I do not look forward to things, to not be excited, to feel that I am undeserving of anything exciting.

I am numb...

I seem as though I can not snap myself out of it...I want to, I know I need to, but often resent why?

Why are things so hard?

What do I really want?

Who and what have I become?

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Quinto Sol said...

Dude- You're going through depression... please seek help.