To Big Sur

Ok, so getting up way early in the morning at 3am. Getting to the airport by 4:30 and sitting in the airport for a good 2 hours before my flight out to Utah...

Uh! This will be a long day!

Finally on the airplane after a slight nap on the seats...I had observed that there was a huge asian population getting into the airport as I taxied to the terminal. And it was a HUGE asian group...

As I got onto the plane, I saw that the HUGE asian population was going onto my plane. Great! I found my seat...and there had a been a guy already sitting down in the middle, ok...all good.

As the plane took off, I found these little antics about the asian man that was funny:

1) While eating the double cookie that they gave, the asian man at it like a sandwich...usually people would eat one at a time.

2) He consistently asked for hot water to be filled in his water jar.

3) After finishing the cookies, his wrappers and tissue he crinkled neatly and folded the seams into a small ball...not ball, but a little pillow cushion like item.

4) He kept on pointing and requesting things, but I thought it was a typical thing to do when you don't know the language...

5) He didn't know that there was a request button for the stewardest to come over on top of him....

Anyways, enough about poking fun at my culture, I arrived alright in Utah...had a two hour lay over and bought 4 cheese burgers at Burger King instead of a Cinnibun.

Then waited for my next flight out, but helped an elderly women off the conveyer belt walkways as her "walking cart" was off the walkway and she was still on it...holding a cup of something and backing up...stuck!

Got onto the plane from Utah to San Jose and met up with my sister to go straight to the expo in Moneray.

The expo...wait till you hear about this...
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