50 days

Well...I finally signed up! Yes, this is correct folks, 50 days in counting....and I've been ramping up, just wait till this weekends run where I'll try to do my very best to keep my mind off of things...

We'll see how early I do get up, but hopefully it won't be a boring ride...
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Bag watch


Ok, bagwatch this afternoon while the team (alzheimer's) goes out for a run. These are the moments in which I can finally catch up...

I have been finally trying to get time to concentrate to get a job...two days in a row...two different job applications, one virtual interview set up...both running jobs.

We'll just see!
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So, I applyed to one of those Active Team associations for sponsorship that you receive in your e-mails all the time on May 23...not thinking anything really much out of it.

On June 17th, I received notice that I was honored to join the team! How cool is this?

Seriously, not many people get the chance to be sponsored much as an athlete and none of the less enjoy what they do!

Should be fun! Challenging and exciting...see updates on what kinds of different play I get!
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Early morning commute

Let's see...waking up and catching the first train out of here has some sort of pressure, where I wake up too early and have to wait in Grand Central for a bit, when it opens...ridiculous!

In the past week, all of my charity groups have started and what for me is called my busy season. How did I ever do these jobs when I was working baffles my mind in saying that I was over busy...

Who knows?

I just know this...my mind works better when it is overloaded and challenged, than now. I function so much better, although I can say that I probably did over do things.

Now? I'm waking up every week at this early morning rise to basically get a full's day of work in before some people even wake up!

Crazy right?

Yeah, I would have to say so!

Yesterday at Ichan stadium, I worked yet another day with the kids...the last meet of the season. Now back to being a seasonal worker.

Oh well...just get by...just get by! I need to seriously think about what I need to do here and still apply myself. I do know this though, that when...if I get a job back again, seriousness is of the essence. Uh! It's been crazy!

Going forward, I'm trying to clear my name a bit and clearing my head of just getting back into things. I felt sort of a disconnect when I worked at the factory and not getting together with friends or what not...and now I am sort of back.

It was hard...life is hard...

Anyways, catching a nap!
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So much earlier...

I didn't know how early it really was...

This morning I guess I was afraid or got it in my head that I was going to miss my alarm.

I never knew that Grand Central opened up at 5:15...am! I arrived at 5:05 and had to be waiting for them to open the gates.

Really? Geez! I guess I am way too early

I couldn't believe the crowd awaiting to get in...I guess it's those who party late last night, kids mostly as I await my individual training session in Pelham...every Wednesday mornings...

Oh well, better earlier than later I guess.

I wondered why everything seemed out of place this morning!
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