Early morning commute

Let's see...waking up and catching the first train out of here has some sort of pressure, where I wake up too early and have to wait in Grand Central for a bit, when it opens...ridiculous!

In the past week, all of my charity groups have started and what for me is called my busy season. How did I ever do these jobs when I was working baffles my mind in saying that I was over busy...

Who knows?

I just know this...my mind works better when it is overloaded and challenged, than now. I function so much better, although I can say that I probably did over do things.

Now? I'm waking up every week at this early morning rise to basically get a full's day of work in before some people even wake up!

Crazy right?

Yeah, I would have to say so!

Yesterday at Ichan stadium, I worked yet another day with the kids...the last meet of the season. Now back to being a seasonal worker.

Oh well...just get by...just get by! I need to seriously think about what I need to do here and still apply myself. I do know this though, that when...if I get a job back again, seriousness is of the essence. Uh! It's been crazy!

Going forward, I'm trying to clear my name a bit and clearing my head of just getting back into things. I felt sort of a disconnect when I worked at the factory and not getting together with friends or what not...and now I am sort of back.

It was hard...life is hard...

Anyways, catching a nap!
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