Bags are packed

Yes...spent most of the night packing up my things for this 100 miler that I have no clue what I am putting myself in and through...

What am I thinking? Why am I doing this?

I have no clue, but I am confident that I can get this done...scared, but confident.

As I packed my clothes, I am bringing the mere essentials, T-shirt tech for backpack wearing, singlet for spi belt wearing and probably occasional non-t-shirt wearing at all...we shall see about that! It is very unconventional that an ultra doesn't wear a shirt, although I am not really the realm of a person who is an ultra runner at all...even a runner for that matter!

As I packed all of my essentials, shoes, shorts, tech gear, food, gels/blocks and socks...uh! There is way too much to bring. Seriously, think what you bring for a marathon and times that by 4!

It's crazy! 2 pairs of shoes, foam roller, stick...seriously I was bringing my whole running essentials or apparel or altilery...

Well...we shall see!
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