The day before...less than 24 hours!


The day started by an alarm clock and so much sunshine!

My gosh, by 9 am it was so hot. Really hot!

This is ridiculous the fact that the race starts at 10am. I con not believe that, where the heat will be ridiculous just penetrating at our skins...take it easy and really take your time. Hydrate and go out on the slow go.

I started to clear my mind, and slowly people started to wake up one by one...

We changed rooms and unpacked our things.

Went to meet up with people and by that time it was lunchtime...buffalo wings...uh!
We chatted and talked to prior runners who have completed this race...those who are trying to complete the 100 and the whole speal.

We went back to the hotel, chilled...separated all of our stuff into our bags and then took a nap until we went to the starting line to meet all the other runners.

When we went over to the starting line...uh! Started to get a little anxious...nervous!

Then we headed to dinner at this italian place and we all enjoyed our time. Though we all knew the race was around the corner...
We headed back to the hotel, got visited by some super ultra runners (who had done badwater) and then they were gone...

End of the day...final preparations and then...the big day tomorrow...

Wish me luck!

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