So after sometime, we finally made it to Lockport, NY (near Buffalo.

I left my apartment on Thursday at around 4pm, after a run with GW at 1:30pm...it was hot and he was on a tempo run as I didn't want to try to keep up. I wanted to do a lighter run, which I let him go ahead. It was hot and mid-day, so after him going 7 min miles, we stopped at the water fountain and he said he was done with tempo and was going to go a moderate pace with me.

We rounded up Central Park, just talking and as we finished our run, he was real considerate and wished me luck...said, "no matter what happens, know you're a great runner. Just finish the race and that will beat all expectations" (or something along those lines)

I thought about that, but he knows me way too well to know that I have been ramping up for this race. I don't really want to say it, although I put pressure on myself. I want to do well accordingly and I have goals (and they come at levels) Example - New Hampshire and Maine Marathons (back to back) where just completing both back to back was one thing, but going back to back with both BQing at the same time was my goal. Reachable? I don't exactly know.

Same here...running 100 miles is going into unknown territory, I have no clue what to expect after 50 miles. To many of these guys who have done this, they know the effects and know themselves as runners...it's quite amazing!

Anyways, I left with a pack on my back with all of my running essentials. Literally all of my running gear, minus the technical clothing that I had in my room, I was pretty much carrying. Scary, but true...I had nothing left in my room + gear + food!

I went straight to the bus terminal - port authority where I asked a guy which bus it was to this asian market (I was told to meet up over there with the gang I was going with).

Needless to say, I saw this guy pointing at me and he was one of the crew that came in front Long Island (MC) and we talked until we arrived at the marketplace...ate dinner and then finally met up with the other two Kino and JC...all of these guys were huge running fanatics, they are pretty hard core runners and have done ultra's or timed races than I...(Which evidently, we pretty much all started our ultra extravaganza together, at the knickerbocker 60 two years ago!)

But all of these guys are maniacs as well and they do their fair share of crazyness with races and especially ultra's. So the experience level was pretty much on their side as I was the unexperienced one with one 50 miler in my belt.

No worries, we toured the asian supermarket, got some supplies and then pretty much were on our way.

We got rocked around with a huge rainstorm that came done (as MC likes to put it, god was taking pictures of us) because of the lightning!

Then the rest of the ride was prety much fun...we all were pretty personable with great personalities and our conversations usually entitled running...wow, this is the running community!

Anyhow, made it to Lockport, NY and waited a while for the bell clerk to wake up at 2:30 am to get our room...finally fell asleep at 3ish and woke up with 6 hours...sun is beaming and HOT..uh...24 hours!
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