Perfect day

Wow...today you really couldn't ask for a better day to run.

I decided to get some supplies for the trip coming up and much needed stuff too...so I needed a run as well and what better ways to combine the two together!

Everything is quite an adventure when you really don't know where you are heading sometimes and I decided to just take my chances and head up.

I was suppose to go all the way up to Washington Bridge as that was my primary goal...but things ended up differently. I went up 1st avenue to check up the sights of where exactly we wanted to place our spectators and check out the areas where it bares out...more like 100th and up...definitely by 96th and above.

So inward and outward...kept on going as the river comes closer to the nose area of manhattan and shoots up on the west side...went as far as 145th and malcom X boulavard, but then hit a dead end a little more north...back tracking time...

Wait! Let me see if the items I needed was in a grocery store nearby as I passed that before I hit the dead end area...

I went inside and found the product that I needed. (It's more like the Goya and spanish neighborhoods that have this product and pretty hard to get the exact thing I needed in the grocery stores nearby my apartment.

So...got the product and bought $20 worth of different flavors. I have tried two of the 4 different kinds...

I quickly ended my trip as I needed to handle the bags and took the subway back home.
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