A real change of plans...

Yes...the hurricane of Irene came and gone and I was stuck in a mess.

Come Friday night, I was left with a decision to make, which was to go or not go to Boston. When things finally cleared and a path was pushed aside...my decision was clear...I was to go of course!

This was TJL here we were talking about and a lifetime friend who I have grown up with...for 23 years (which puts us way back when we were say 7 - sounds about right...that we have grown up together)

Scary but true...I have played soccer together, we have grown up together and we ran track and field together...we were friends when we went off to college and now that she resides in Boston, when I did some races...she was there for me.

So I should be there for her on her special day.

I was packing my bags at midnight and almost done, when...I received my first e-mail of my departure trip being cancelled. Ok, I can deal with that...I kind of made already alternative plans and if I can get to Boston in the morning that would be fine...

Later on..another buzz...I look at it and uh! Cancelation of my departure...they cancelled my whole entire trip! This is what I was unprepared for...I prepared myself to be stuck in Boston, but not even getting to go was a huge disappointment! Uh...how am I suppose to get out of the city? Seriously! What!

I was purely stuck and really tore up inside...I quickly cancelled all of my plans and uh! Sulked...this was a huge disappointment and really got my mood down! Sucks!

I was really torn apart...
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