Rock and Roll - Providence Half Marathon

As we run, we become. Amby Burfoot, The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life

After racing yesterday in Central Park in the Club Championship, 5 miles was not the crazy factor of fatigue. I teamed up with LC's friends to head up to Providence, RI for the night. We traveled up during the night as we left NYC at 8pm, finally getting to Providence at 12am (stopping in New Haven for dinner).

We quickly got everything set for the next day and went to bed shortly after...only to get up 4 hours later to get parking and pre-registration/getting our bibs at the solutions desk. It was raining...hard! We quickly went into Panera Bread and got breakfast until it was time to get to the starting line. I had to drop by the drop bags, and went to the start.

Early in the morning I had thought twice about bringing out my sony headphones during the race. It was downpouring and I didn't want to disrupt anything knowing it was waterproof and all, but still chose not to risk it. I had my SONY gear on and ready to go!

At the starting line, met up with JC from the flyers as her sister and boyfriend were from the Harriers (they also ran yesterday as well)

The race start was awaiting for the police to move something, so starting on time was out of the question...it actually took like 15 minutes later and it was raining...HARD!

The race finally started and it was HILLY! Oh my gosh, I totally knew Providence was up

on a hill although these Rock and Roll races usually are pretty easy since they like getting first timers out there and just having fun. This was a very difficult course as it goes from up hill to down hill and puddles draining down into the streets...it was like crossing streams it was coming down that hard! So, rain in the eyes was not a very good thing either as I was concentrating more on the fact of finishing the race than actually enjoying the scenery...but it was beautiful though, if it was sunny, it would have been hot. So the rain was nice, but disrupting and it would constantly go right into your eyes. Bands played along the course, but they too found refuge in these small tents that the race directors provided, some changed locations to seek shelter under a bridge.

It was tough though as you would encounter puddles of water when the streets would go downhill and the intersections where the roads would flatten out, there was hills...inclines and straightaways...rough! But then it all evened out in the end and zigzagged through back and forth at the very end...

I was tired of the rain at the end and just wanted to finish...so slowly I tried to catch people in the end. Quickly one by one in the last 3 miles of the race, I caught up to some people I had my eyes set on...

It was a tough finish as I saved a little in the end not knowing what to expect at the last turn...and low and behold, it was a hill...in the last 100 meters! Come on!

But yes, I passed a gal in the last 400 meters and I thought she was going to catch up to me...slowly gathered myself and put on the boosters!

In the end, they called out my name and they called out the sponsorship as well...my white SONY shirt did it's justice.

I was frozen after the race...waiting for everyone else to finish, I tried to warm myself back up, but the slight wind conditions and already soaked with rain, I was loosing body heat and my fingers all wrinkled up...it was pretty bad...

So bad that I had to change into my wet clothes and also get a cup of HOT CHOCOLATE!!


It was nuts!

We waited till the very end pretty much and it downpoured...first LC came in at 2:08 and then LC's friends: D and E.

Overall...a good weekend to get out of NYC and a good weekend to just get back into racing mode.

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