Rough work

This morning I started my workout to attain miles. Yes, I was a little sore this morning from the run that I did on Monday night, but why?

I think it could have been the rest that was speaking, as I felt great on my "effortless" run yesterday...

This morning I had a set course in mind which was to go out from the east to west side of 57th street (didn't even get as far as Park Avenue until I changed the course around!). I knew that and my course in mind quickly changed to a "when the lights changed" route...I went downtown instead of uptown and was totally engaged in time. Well, effort was not much of the case as to just making a few lights, yelling at some cars and swerving in between tourists.

As I passed my old workplace I wondered about all of my co-workers that I use to work with and how they were doing. How some of them I had been close with and talked to with my certain situations. I was a hard worker, but if only I had the drive as I had with running into what my passion was...uh!
That's the frustrating thing!

But yes, I continued, all the way passed the world trade center site, down past or near the staten island ferry and down near water street, in through chinatown and up...park avenue almost with summer streets (prior to last weekends events)

Anyhow, made it all the way into midtown and spotted GW where, we chatted out on the streets (I was going to see him later in the day, but he wanted to discuss about some various items)...

When home and almost got hit by a car because I was trying to be more aware of this delivery food guy in back of me, but this car comes out of no where and stops inches away from me! Uh! Really!

Anyhow...made it home...Alzheimer's practice later on today...
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