Team Champs

Yes, it's been a while since I had last wrote, although I have time now, as I awaite for my ride to go to Providence, RI tonight to do the Rock and Roll half tomorrow.

Today, woke up early to stop by team for kids practice to make sure they had the routes correct. Their practice started at 7am, so coaches had to be there at 6:30, which really meant that I had to leave the house by 6:15...uh! Not happy waking up this morning.

Anyways, stopped by and soon enough I was gone again...this time head

ing up to the 102 transverse where the team championships were starting for the men at 8am and for the females at 9am. It's always a great event because it brings the teams together and you don't get to see many people during the year...so this race is for all! Plus if you are not on a team, you really don't do the event, so it weeds out the other people.

At first, I saw my teammates and joked around a bit, saw the TFK crew pass by and then was on my way to the start.

I was nervous. I haven't really run since June and when you are out of "race" mode...it's just very strange...I mean when you are in marathon training, for me (with two teams) your pace isn't exactly #1...so, racing is usually off the table.

But yes, during the start of the race I had experienced somewhat doubtful thoughts. I was tired from waking up early and hadn't really just run a race for myself...so, yes, feeling selfish a little for racing!

Anyways, the start of the race I was in the yellow corral and didn't feel like moving up when they cut the ropes and people started filing closer. I stayed behind, but moved as well...then the start!

Bang! The race starts and for a good moment, I am moving! I felt good...no water stops at water stations...doing ok!

Then, at about half way at the bottom loop you feel the tireness set in...the pace of your running drops as you get a little tired, then you just want to hang onto dear life. I knew the rest of the course well and tried to go up cat hill with efficiency...then knew I would pretty much bomb the straight away, but did ok...then the last 1/2 mile to go...

The finish was right at the corner of 102nd street transverse and it seemed closer than usual, so I knew the finish line...the flyer's ladies would be cheering, so about that time, I could make my move...

I was gearing at marathon pace as I was comfortable or going a little on cruise, where I felt I could push it more, but chose not to...it's an interesting feeling. I knew I had to make my move and I did, right in front of the flyers ladies and sprinted towards the finish...only to find that I just finished a second below sub 31.

I was really weezing afterwards trying to catch my breathe. It was a very tough day to breathe and the humidity was just incredible...

I was glad to finish as we strolled over to the ladies that were still cheering and now getting ready to go...I changed back into my TFK gear and coached for a bit, getting in my cool down run to the southern pump house and then back...

Overall, the day was great! Still wondering how my alzheimer's team did. Coached a little with TFK and shared and saw some Flyer friends that I have not seen in a while.

Now off to providence for the rock and roll half!

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