Friday night workout

So...usually I don't run on a Friday night, especially right before a holiday weekend? Impossible! Seriously now!

Actually I was going to put on my running shoes and head out for a run really earlier in the day to visit my cousin and see the new "house" or shall I say his new house, but really in actuality, it was my grandma's old house, just renovated and all...

Scary to say...

I still have yet set my foot into those doors with the new renovation, maybe I am too scared to? Maybe it's too nostalgic...I know, move on...but there is always a little part of me that sets myself from saying...why?

Anyways, we'll get back to those moments when I actually do go running to my cousin's home on Sunday morning for my long run. But today was just a regular 6 mile run...usually 8 miles home to Central Park and then back.

I went later in the day because I had been busy with a bunch of work and had to get everything done in time. Set everything up before the holiday hits. I strolled into Central Park also wanting to try out some new shoes that are suppose to be "faster" and boy did I need to go faster today.

Seriously, it's next weekend where I will be pacing my buddy from Team for Kids in his 4th or 5th attempt in trying to qualify for Boston. He at the same time wants to qualify with a 3:05 time, which is about my average time, although with this new recent 100 ultra marathon that I have recently done, getting back into marathon shape is not coming back too quickly, let alone getting my leg strength back...

Every day when I tried to run last week was a very difficult task in trying to regain my speed portion and mileage...everything felt so long!

I needed to quicken up my step and needed to get my speed...it was quite embarrassing, although reasonably understandable! But it's me and I am sort of freaking out where I need to pace my friend (for the last 6 miles) in his marathon.

Anyways, I get into Central Park and really am going at a moderate pace where I am unsure if I could sustain for 6 miles...it was a moderately cool day, but if you are working hard, you could feel the heat just itching and biting at you.

I ramp up the hill and low and behold, I see one of my old High School track/running buddies, JT.

JT was a great runner back in High School, where he did the mile? Or shall I say distance races and I was a sprinter, so I didn't exactly know him too well. We knew who he was because he was one of the standouts in the county that ran really well both cross country and track, but we got to really know him because he went to Senior prom with one of my high school friends and they dated.

JT and I would always find each other randomly anywhere in nyc...it was funny that way, but like today, we would randomly see each other, chat and catch up and then go on our merry ways.

So, I haven't seen him in a while and we talked about running, jobs and family, also some old times that we had shared...it was good! I didn't really expect him to run along side of me the entire way around and thought he would cut off at Engineers gate at 90th street, but it was good. At first I was going to continue to go fast, but he actually pushed me (with a backpack on his back) and I was relieved in the end to find that we were pushing a good 7:30 pace. I asked him why had he not yet been in the running scenes yet in nyc as he would be amazing, although he take competition to the next level. Either way, it was really great to see JT as I dropped him off at the next pass at Engineers Gate.

I quickly got water and went back the other way to find EG, one of my Alzheimer's R2R teammates and wanted to check in on her. I like to do that as a coach. Then soon after, quickly made my way back home to see what else I had left in my legs.

Fun times with JT though, really fun times when we run together. He looked as though nothing really phased him as he just strolled along (always having a really nice running stride!)

Good run in the end...awesome conversation that I would have never expected!
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