Over the river, and through the woods...

Ok, so I told my cousin that I was going to visit him and I didn't want to break my promise...It would have been either Friday or Sunday that I was going to visit, but with little preparations...I chose Sunday instead.

I looked up directions on how to actually walk to New Jersey and then placed my directions on an e-mail form (sending it to my cousin...not even thinking about it). My cousin wrote back to me asking if I was kidding that I was actually going to "run" to his house. I totally was suppose to not e-mail him, but to myself! Opps! It was suppose to be a surprise that I was suppose to run there.

In all of my life, I never really ran to my cousins/uncle's/grandma's place. I always took the bus which took 15 minutes from the Port Authority...this was a real challenge! I love challenges!

Really though, since I needed a long run, I mapped it out to being about 15 miles and that I could do.

I started late on Sunday at about 10:55 am, really late, where the sun was shining and it was pretty hot for a September morning, it was Labor Day, but still it was pretty warm.

I headed on up, past Central Park and up towards the West side on St. Nicholas. I rode my butt up towards the Washington Bridge. I quickly bought my juice drink of mango puree that I have been using in my linger runs and it digests well...

I HATE THE WASHINGTON BRIDGE! Really I do because of the height issue...not good with vertigo on bridges!

Anyways, so I got through that and treked on. This is where the tricky parts begin. I followed bikers along the palisades parkway and ran up to East Clinton Road...whereever that is as I saw that my cousin left me an e-mail asking where I was or if I was going to make it in time for lunch...

I had to quickly call him back and I told him that I was in Jersey and on my way. Wrong mistake! He quickly said, "YOU REALLY RAN HERE?"

Like that was a surprise? I think I can run anywhere now that I did 100 miles! Seriously!

Anyways, so I got lost a little and tried to find my way, but really wasn't sure if I was going the right way or not and I was already at 14 miles...when map quest said that it would only take 15 miles to get to my destination (which I found that it's probably another 5 totalling out 20 miles all together)

So...I called my cousin, he wanted me to
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