Time to tell

So this weekend is another race...not for myself, although you would say why not?

This race has more pressure than any of my marathons put together. It's funny...I'm racing this race for a friend, a teammate, a collegue and a person who wants it more than anything else in the world.

VC is a Team for Kids Coach who has served many in running marathons. He was also in my pace group during the New Jersey marathon the year before I had even met him...so this is kind of weird that I will be pacing him again. Year after year, he picks a marathon and always writes: Going to Boston...I think he puts a whole lot of pressure on himself after writing that and showcases that to the world.

I don't know...it's interesting though as he is always in great shape. His half marathon time is absolutely amazing as sometimes he even beats me with his time (although, he loves the half marathon opposed to the full marathon, which is my forte')

Anyways, we are geared up towards the Lehigh Valley Marathon where we are gunning for a time of a 3:04:59.

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