It's a wrap!

So...marathon season is over and that means my busy season is done. My three jobs are terminated as I still hold onto one.

Still looking around the nyrr job listings, so if anything comes about on the full time scale, I hope to snag it, but it would be interesting to see the entire crew all in one room as we are getting ready for a move come after Thanksgiving.

Both of my teams did well on Marathon Sunday as many were able to get around their ailments and move to grasp their witts and move past what their bodies were telling them...it's interesting the marathon as most found it very difficult of a race. It is a hard race to swallow, but in the end everyone is slightly happy.

I have realized how much experience some coaches have compared to newbie runners, how we make it look so easy in the end, but it's a very difficult race...and it's understandably so...it never occurred to me though, but times move on...life moves on...and yet another chapter closes...a new one begins next year.

Till then...
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