Two stars for Alzheimer's...a hit or miss...

I have gone high and low for this cause and it feels as though my fortunes is endless. My sorrows go out to the families that hang in the dear vengeance of heroics. I ask for nothing and felt as though I have given everything. it's in my nature of what I have learned in my fraternity days...keep giving and ask for nothing in return as a slogan...

the direct terms is: "Give, expecting nothing thereof"

So I do...if these two e-mails reach the persons we hope to have them in our team next year...or any other part of our team...

To Pat Summitt's son:

Dear Tyler Summitt,
I recently found out about your mother’s illness when an alumnus/Olympian of the Tennessee women’s basketball player named Kara Lawson and her husband Damien Barling wanted to run in this years NYC marathon. Damien actually ran the NYC marathon with our team, while Kara ran in the 5K the day before.
I wanted to reach out to you to first Congratulate your mother for her infamous achievement in being named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year, as well as reach out to you to ask you if you would ever want to run in the New York City marathon to honor your mother, you will always have a place on our team for next year or any other following year thereafter. Your mother is a true inspiration with her continuation to adhere to the utmost difficulties ahead, although together we can fight and help find a cure for the future of this disease.

Good luck with your upcoming season and hope to talk to you soon

To Lauren Miller (Seth Rogen's Wife)

Dear Lauren Miller,

I recently found out about your families crisis with Alzheimer's through the interview with Larry King Live that you and Seth pronounced a fighting battle against this disease. You both should be well commended for your large strife against this cause and dedication to help fight this disease.

I wanted to reach out to you to first wish you well in your event and how fitting it is of a great actor husband like Seth Rogan to upstage this great event for a great cause in your Hilarity for Charity. I applaud both of you for taking a huge stand and together we hope to fight another day to make this cause renowned.

We hope that together we can fight and help find a cure for the future of this disease.

To my dearest Grandmother...I keep fighting for a cause that i wish i was able to speak with you candidly for 8 years. I wish I had those 8 years back and at least wish that I could share my accomplishments with. thank you for allowing me to rise up and be a better person and the person that I am today. To that I am grateful for.

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