Lost MoJo?

Ok...so today was a beautiful day...sunny, cold, but beautiful.

Seriously a day that any runner would love to go out and do a long run in...

So why did I not?

I think I have lost my mojo. You know some of those days where you are just not feeling it, not at all itching to run...

My motivation has gone out the window as my body (leg) aches a little (a small nagging pain in which my achilies has been the weakest point in the past 3 years - nothing that is not runable in)

Anyways, seriously!


I don't know if it is the cold that just sucks my energy and running mojo away?


Is it just that I am lazy?


I can clearly also blame it on the bad news that my bestie in running coaches (AH) is no longer running the Charleston Marathon with me...as we were gearing up to run a sub 3 to 3:05!

Oh! I had been training hard for Charleston because I didn't want to let AH down. I knew that I was not in real shape to run...but I was going to try my best to go ahead and do that.

Winters are my resting time and especially since the NYC marathon gave such a heart/headache (meaning that it was the first time that we were relieving people of this hardship where we trained people and the race never happened?!?) We were utterly disappointed and utterly exhausted over that factor...but yes, I owed this to AH because she helped me along with Knickerbocker race that I had ended up getting 10th overall and adding to my 3rd 10th place finish in that race...

Anyways, I'm hoping to get my Mojo back!



Funny how things turn out in your life. Life is all about it's up's and down moments. It's careful twist and turns and multiple jungernuts that are thrown at you from multiple distances. Many people can fall into deep holes, while others can swerve to avoid them...
For me...the past two years of my life has been tough...

I left my college dream of training and being an architect (of 5 years out of school) to look for more rewarding work. Coaching, at the time, had given me the runners high I needed as I was put on furlough (at the time, half the architects in New York City have been laid off) and working 4 of the 5 days was not too bad. Until, I got put on the chopping block for 3 months.
During this time, it might have worked out to being a blessing in disguise or just pure downhill from there...but I'll go with the blessing in disguise...

Given a little history, I had well been on my in running marathons and my concentration at work had been "tardy" (to my employers, but seriously, I work hard!). I had been running different marathons and fundraising the Alzheimer's Association running programs for both the Chicago and Boston Chapters and have been part of the Junior Committee with the NYC chapter for my 3rd year as we had tried to put our charity name into the hat to be an official charity for the NYC marathon)...it was our 3rd year and we were giving up hope...but just as I was laid off, we became an official charity and I had other work to do...

Let's just say that I became lucky (or unlucky) that this was taking my time in what I had thought was going to help my career.

In short, I became very lucky in taking on a coaching class and became RCAA certified to become a marathon coach at the time where we became an official charity and long and behold, I became a co-founder in starting up an official charity group for the NYC marathon.

Boom! Five years later...

I no longer am an architect...

I no longer work at a factory for Out of Print Clothing...

I no longer am a coaching consultant for the NYRR Youth Department...


I still am a coach for the NYRR Team for Kids...5 years and running...
I still am a coach for the Alzheimers Association...
I still work for the NYRR...although I play a more intricate roll in the company now...as an Assistant Manager for the Creative Department...which, with my background is pretty versatile in the amount of knowledge that I carry from my multiple jobs that I have done in the past.

Although, let's be serious now and say that I'll be back in writing more blog posts and be sure to say that the new 2013 will bring more prosperity than ever before...

Because I clearly would like to say good radiance to the past 2 years and am looking forward to a year where I can finally focus on me...and getting better, healthier, happier, and doing more to better myself and those around me.

I know this may sound strange, but yes...I have been down and out, I know what it feels like to be down in the dumps and I know that this recession really doesn't help, I have been there before and can honestly say to those who currently are without jobs that hopefully one is waiting for you around the corner...do not loose faith and do not give in...keep trucking, go at it as hopefully by reading this, you will gain hope!

HOPE is a strong word...as many of us still hold on to the dreams that diverse around this 4 letter word.

One can only dream...

as the word of true happiness...and am getting ever so close to the tranquil feeling of that security...and gaining what I once had.

Someone once asked me (yes, you know who you are), what I wanted in life.

My answer:

A simple, yet hard, answer.


Well...I'll answer that tomorrow.


How well do you know...YOU?

There are funny things that drive yourself to asking that question from time to time...and that question is...

How well do you even know your own self?

Seriously, yes...I have been on hiatus in the past year or so gathering myself, going through some rough times, going through some great times, although I have found out many things in that one year about myself, though I really truly believe that even though you say that you know yourself the best (because hey, you are yourself...)

Do you really know yourself the best?

I mean sometimes it might feel that you do. Sometimes it feels as though your best friend might even know yourself better than you do because some things you do you might not even notice...

But, do you know yourself even that well?

Even if you did...do you even know the funny little quirks that others might know about you that you do, say or just done on habit that make you...well, you!

Funny question right?

And all the time on hiatus, you thought I wasn't doing anything...

Welcome back me!
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Fw: The 2012 Winter Beast of Burden - "The Battle of The Beasts!"

I guess some things never change...


I'm a "beast" now...
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From: Sam Pasceri <resurrectionracing@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 16:53:46 -0500
Subject: The 2012 Winter Beast of Burden - "The Battle of The Beasts!"

The 2012 Winter Beast of Burden

"The Battle of the Beasts"

     The Calf...an area usually reserved for a triathlete who has completed an official Ironman.  The "M-Dot" is a badge of honor for any triathlete and completing an Ironman isn't an easy task but then again, neither is running 100 miles alongside of the Erie Canal in the middle of winter.  Endurance athletes continue their quest to push their bodies to the limit. They seek the most extreme events such as the famous Badwater 135 mile Ultra Marathon which takes place in Death Valley- the Winter Beast of Burden 100 Mile Ultra Marathon is now bringing to debate, who actually has the hardest ultra marathon?  Just ask accomplished Ultra Runner, Mark "Doc" Ott who has chosen to permanently brand his body with our logo after completing what he called, "The most challenging race of my life."   Even the current record holder of the famous Badwater 135, Valmir Nunes has been quoted saying, "This race is by far the hardest race I've ever run."


     Valmir and "Doc" Ott went head to head at The 2011 Winter BoB.  Valmir went on to break the course record by 8 minutes which was previously set by former Lockport resident, Richard Cook.  Rumor has it that pending a work related trip, David Ploskonka might be in attendance at the 2012 Winter B-o-B.   Another very accomplished ultra-runner, Ploskonka, has multiple Badwater finishes and is the winner of the 2010 Summer 100 Mile Beast of Burden.  


     The 2012 Winter Beast of Burden is now just over a week away and boy is it going to be action packed! Valmir Nunes is flying in from Brazil (for the 3rd straight BoB event in a row). "Doc" Ott  is also returning giving him another chance to go head to head with our Brazilian buddy, Nunes.   Although "Doc" vowed never to run the Winter Beast again, he stated that the real reason for his return is to try and snatch up our "Double Beast Buckle" (A special buckle given to those who complete both 100 Mile BoB's in the same year).   We also have former Lockport resident and previous course record holder, Richard Cook.  Cook will be running his own race to hopefully regain the status of "course recorder holder" which he lost in battle last year to Nunes as he struggled to finish.  Another accomplished ultra runner participating again this winter is Ryan O'Dell.   Ryan's ultra race resume is just as long as my email.  When you look at race results, Ryan's name can always be found at the top of the list.  He's won a 24hr ultra and placed 2nd in two 100's.  Could this be the 100 miler that Ryan has been waiting for?  He's got the experience and strength needed to pull it off so, it'll be interesting.  Now, throw in our wild card and Badwater veteran David Ploskonka.  David has proven to be more than a worthy competitor as he's won The 2010 Summer BoB .  So, as you can see you have more than just an ultra marathon folks, you have what I'm calling, "The Battle of the Beasts!"  But, as we have witnessed in the past, you don't have to have one of the great names in ultrarunning to win, you just have to be a great ultra runner.  Just ask Brian "The Beast" Hsia, winner of The 2011 Summer Beast of Burden 100.   Brain ran his first 100 mile ultra at the Summer race.  Running with a smile on his face all day Brian was about to finish comfortably in 3rd place  and he only had 1 mile to go.  Brian "The Beast" passed two people before he would cross the finish line, one of which was the leader from the start,  Valmir Nunes of Brazil.  That day, Brian shocked the ultra running community proving that an ultra is anybody's race and he did it with class.  


     As I sit here writing to you, the warm sun is shining through my window.   Right now it's a beautiful 45 degrees outside but, I can't have this come race day.  I used to think Mother Nature and I understood each other.  I'd provide the warm bodies and she would blast them with her freezing winds while dropping a mixture of rain, hail and snow just as she's done in the past.   So, what's The Winter Beast of Burden without snow?   Honesty, I don't know and guess what...neither will any of the participants!  It's coming!



Sam Pasceri

Race Director


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Uh! First time for me...deplaned in Atlanta with a crew of kids...

Oh fun stuff...a plane ride from Atlanta, Georgia to Mobile, Alabama is delayed...uh! Seriously?

It only takes like 35 minutes...but is taking a whole while...

Geez! Crazy times!

Anyways...we'll see...
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January 1st - First run of 2012

Well...I copied a friend who was doing 12 miles to start off in 2012...

After running with D yesterday, she convinced me to rack up my mileage and do 12 miles...why not!

Go to central park - 1 mile.
Do a 5 mile loop...then another 5 mile loop...
Then run back home to complete my 12 mile total...

A nice winter run on Monday, January 1st to start off the New Years!
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First marathon of the year - Mississippi

The run, rogue as it was, was good for me. I got to hit the reset button on my gratitude meter, and think of all the ways that running has led me on a different path. It doesn't matter what our surroundings and circumstances are, runners can always move through them and get to a better place.

Kristin Armstrong, Make it count, Mile Markers blog, Runner's World.com

So...the first marathon of the year begins...as I wake up at N's apartment and quickly get dressed to meet up with the other crazies to go to Mississippi and Alabama.

First stop, Mobile, Alabama...off the plane and driving off to Mississippi, across the border...to do our first marathon there: Mississippi Blues Marathon and meeting up with a bunch of other crazy runners (mostly marathon maniacs) and doing a double marathon or back to backs...or as I call them...doublers!

This will be my 3rd doubler...the first being: New Hampshire and then Maine marathons a year ago, where I had a goal to complete the double...and an inner goal to get a sub 3:10 in each one...which I had accomplished.

The second being the JFK 50 miler and then the monkey marathon in the fall...which completely knocked me down and probably was my worst weekend (also a finale in my season) and probably the worst "enjoyable" marathon that I have done - due to the cold rain.

This weekend? We'll see...I have no initial plan going this time around. Possibly as I hope to gun for a sub 3:10 in each one, which would be a good determiner for New Orleans to go a sub 3:05 and then later down in the season for me to go sub 3:00 to sub 2:55 in Boston. But we shall see how the Winter proves, as I do hate the cold season, which just began and hasn't even it February yet...the worst month in NYC...

Then after Boston, I am pacing for the 3:20 group for the Kentucky Derby Marathon and then...I was planning on doing the Flying Pig...although that might just fall through as I plan on doing the Rock and Roll Seattle Marathon with my sister in June. Oh brother!

As for after June, that's when training for the nyc marathon begins as I also plan on doing possibly 2-3 100 milers (2 official 100 milers and 1 - 24 hour race). We'll see how that comes around...as I just might end up doing a 24 hour race and one 100 miler race. Then the fall season rolls around...not really sure what is on the radar for fall yet!

But first thing comes first, let's knock this marathon down as we bring in the new year...

Hopefully my let's are up to the test...gave them a good rest to heal up for a great fall season last year...thoroughly beat up!

Here we go again!

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