First marathon of the year - Mississippi

The run, rogue as it was, was good for me. I got to hit the reset button on my gratitude meter, and think of all the ways that running has led me on a different path. It doesn't matter what our surroundings and circumstances are, runners can always move through them and get to a better place.

Kristin Armstrong, Make it count, Mile Markers blog, Runner's World.com

So...the first marathon of the year begins...as I wake up at N's apartment and quickly get dressed to meet up with the other crazies to go to Mississippi and Alabama.

First stop, Mobile, Alabama...off the plane and driving off to Mississippi, across the border...to do our first marathon there: Mississippi Blues Marathon and meeting up with a bunch of other crazy runners (mostly marathon maniacs) and doing a double marathon or back to backs...or as I call them...doublers!

This will be my 3rd doubler...the first being: New Hampshire and then Maine marathons a year ago, where I had a goal to complete the double...and an inner goal to get a sub 3:10 in each one...which I had accomplished.

The second being the JFK 50 miler and then the monkey marathon in the fall...which completely knocked me down and probably was my worst weekend (also a finale in my season) and probably the worst "enjoyable" marathon that I have done - due to the cold rain.

This weekend? We'll see...I have no initial plan going this time around. Possibly as I hope to gun for a sub 3:10 in each one, which would be a good determiner for New Orleans to go a sub 3:05 and then later down in the season for me to go sub 3:00 to sub 2:55 in Boston. But we shall see how the Winter proves, as I do hate the cold season, which just began and hasn't even it February yet...the worst month in NYC...

Then after Boston, I am pacing for the 3:20 group for the Kentucky Derby Marathon and then...I was planning on doing the Flying Pig...although that might just fall through as I plan on doing the Rock and Roll Seattle Marathon with my sister in June. Oh brother!

As for after June, that's when training for the nyc marathon begins as I also plan on doing possibly 2-3 100 milers (2 official 100 milers and 1 - 24 hour race). We'll see how that comes around...as I just might end up doing a 24 hour race and one 100 miler race. Then the fall season rolls around...not really sure what is on the radar for fall yet!

But first thing comes first, let's knock this marathon down as we bring in the new year...

Hopefully my let's are up to the test...gave them a good rest to heal up for a great fall season last year...thoroughly beat up!

Here we go again!

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Celia said...

also 2-3 100 milers??? crazy!!! that is a full season you have a ahead of you!

Good luck and have fun on the doubler!

Kino said...

You kicked butt at MS Blues, congrats!

Which 2x 100's and 1x 24hr are you thinking of? Beast of Burden Summer 100, to defend the title, and...?