How well do you know...YOU?

There are funny things that drive yourself to asking that question from time to time...and that question is...

How well do you even know your own self?

Seriously, yes...I have been on hiatus in the past year or so gathering myself, going through some rough times, going through some great times, although I have found out many things in that one year about myself, though I really truly believe that even though you say that you know yourself the best (because hey, you are yourself...)

Do you really know yourself the best?

I mean sometimes it might feel that you do. Sometimes it feels as though your best friend might even know yourself better than you do because some things you do you might not even notice...

But, do you know yourself even that well?

Even if you did...do you even know the funny little quirks that others might know about you that you do, say or just done on habit that make you...well, you!

Funny question right?

And all the time on hiatus, you thought I wasn't doing anything...

Welcome back me!
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