A whole week...

Uh! Ok, flying down to South Carolina where this week was so busy...why do I do that?
Uh! Seriously, a week before a race I would like to run just a little bit before to feel what pace I would like to go at and not go out too fast. I always preach that you need to keep your athletic breath for at least 2-3 days or else your lungs will feel "out of breath" when you run back again and just be out of breath...also your body tells your brain that you are "exhausted" and you will be out of breath earlier in the race.
So that scared me once I got off the flight in the morning. I was greeted by my friend who I call, Betty Boop (who is my sister's friend and old roommate when Michelle lived in Charleston) and we went to her place, dropped off my bag and then went out to see the sights.
We went to grab a bite to eat, then went to grab my things for the race and then off to see the sites: saw the architecture of the older mansions, the river beds, the market place and just hung out till we had dinner and then headed back off to rest up...after 3 beers that day! I usually have a strict rule that I wouldn't drink for a month before...and here I am drinking 3 beers before a marathon!
Crazy! But, why not right?
It was the beginning of the year, the first of my marathon season, my goal was just to Boston Qualify, which is now harder to do because they now dropped the qualifying by 5 minutes and my usual average is about a 3:06-3:08, meaning I need to run a little faster to give myself a cushion of about a 3:03.
That said, I only trained for about a month due to the winter time and usually I do take about a month off from training because it's a transition zone from my training other people, but it was different this turn around because I continued to train my Miami folk, who were continuing to train for their first marathon due to the NYC marathon being cancelled.
Also, now starting the NYC half training, first for us to coach this team around, which is different!
Anyways, at night it felt as though I wasn't going to reach my goals for this race because of the beers and because of my well...choices for dinner: Pulled pork sandwich (a pork slab) and a twice baked potato! Yum!
Anyways, we'll see!
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