Last long run...

Waking up early today to go at it...

7:15 am wake up call...meet up Amanda L. to go at 12 miles...we had set to meet up as I hoped to get her more comfortable for distance runs for her marathon in Miami.

We had met up last week as I was finishing or was in my mid-run and she was just starting hers, so it was a bit cold and a bit fast to start up...and she wrote back to me that she was having a bad day...uh! It was pretty bad and I needed to regain that confidence.

All good. Today will be the day.

It was suppose to be a beautiful weekend, although there was all this fog all day, it was suppose to be nice and warm, but it was a bit colder than you really though (maybe it's because it wasn't sunny at all...) And it was pretty humid outside, so the moisture levels made it colder.

Love sunday mornings as it is pretty sweet because no one is up!
Love it!

Got to Columbus Circle for what my watch called out in say 5:17 pace? Come on...seriously? No way...not even close.

I had to restart my watch again when I met up with Amanda L. I tried to actually sneak up behind her, although she turned and saw me...then we were on our way.

We decided to go off to the west side, flat & fast...should be like what we both would be doing in our marathons.

The game plan was to go south for a bit for about 3-4 miles down and then to turn around and head on up north so, that Amanda could just tag out at the upper west side (way upper west) and I would continue back.

I was going to go to Trader Joes after the run as I usually go grocery shopping.

The run was great! I felt a little sluggish as at times, I was wondering how I could go faster next week to qualify. I mean we were going 7:30's and I needed to go sub 7:05's to get under a 3:05...seriously...bit difference!

Amanda L. was in the cast of Annie, the broadway show, as she invited me, my girlfriend, Nicki B. and another R2R teammate prior to the show's preview director's screening. It is simply amazing!

Seriously...I really thought back to my childhood days and brought some clarity in life...like being happy, getting to the point of being happy and realizing how much of a difference my life has been before...and now. I mean, I am very lucky to have the things that I have at my point in my life...

A great job
A new lifestyle
A great girlfriend
A wonderful family who loves me and cares for me
My running career is great
I coach...

What else do I need?

And when I say happiness...I mean...how much more happiness do I need? (Anyways, I'll get back to that in my future blog post this year)

So ended up leaving Amanda at 125th, taking a picture with her before she went to Fairway Market to get some water. I, on the other hand have learned to run and not take water for a good 12-15 miles worth (maybe that's why I felt so sluggish) and then it hit...

Stomach issues started to plague me and I had to walk a bit on the way back.


Yup folks, all runners get stomach issues any day, any time...I'm not a machine you know!

So, yes...made it ok and walked / changed my warm clothes on 72nd street before seeing my beautiful runners (Alana P, Cindy L, & Indra E.) They all were training for the Miami Marathon, due to the cancellation of the NYC marathon.

I walked to Trader Joes, bought my items, then walked through the park, where...I decided to take a picture of me and my cool ass Brooks Pure Connects - which, yes...indeed...

They are two different colors because I buy both colors and simply switch them...just to be different!

Hey, it catches your eye right?

I mean, why not!

Anyways, it's my new look for the year, I have tried it in some races in November and December and have gotten questioned about it...

The best was from a Team for Kids member telling me that a friend of hers asked her why I had two different colored shoes on, she asked if it was just for style. She said, well...he's a coach and it must have some kind of special aspect... (medical, form, specialization, etc) and can't be because of just the color and style of it....so she asked me!

And what did I say...yup! Just for style...no other special relevance to it folks...just plain old me being me!

What's that?

Obnoxiousness? Ha!

Just Pure Run Happy!
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