Lost MoJo?

Ok...so today was a beautiful day...sunny, cold, but beautiful.

Seriously a day that any runner would love to go out and do a long run in...

So why did I not?

I think I have lost my mojo. You know some of those days where you are just not feeling it, not at all itching to run...

My motivation has gone out the window as my body (leg) aches a little (a small nagging pain in which my achilies has been the weakest point in the past 3 years - nothing that is not runable in)

Anyways, seriously!


I don't know if it is the cold that just sucks my energy and running mojo away?


Is it just that I am lazy?


I can clearly also blame it on the bad news that my bestie in running coaches (AH) is no longer running the Charleston Marathon with me...as we were gearing up to run a sub 3 to 3:05!

Oh! I had been training hard for Charleston because I didn't want to let AH down. I knew that I was not in real shape to run...but I was going to try my best to go ahead and do that.

Winters are my resting time and especially since the NYC marathon gave such a heart/headache (meaning that it was the first time that we were relieving people of this hardship where we trained people and the race never happened?!?) We were utterly disappointed and utterly exhausted over that factor...but yes, I owed this to AH because she helped me along with Knickerbocker race that I had ended up getting 10th overall and adding to my 3rd 10th place finish in that race...

Anyways, I'm hoping to get my Mojo back!

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