The flight home...

After writing this on the plane, I had tried to attach the picture, but deleted the entire e-mail...whoops!
So here it is again! (Don't you just hate that?)

Anyways, I had an early fight to the airport in the morning which wasn't too early because I would still get Betty Boop to drive me + I wanted to sleep in a bit to allow my recovery of rest "better".

I knew I had gotten my things together and we headed out the door. Betty and I said our good-bye's as I really appreciated her hospitality, her driving me around and just showing me around Charleston and catching up. It was great fun and totally going to bring Nicki down to this city as she wanted to see it.

I got online for security as I then remembered that I had totally forgotten my toiletries at her apartment. I laughed. Whoops! That needs to be sent back to my place! Uh...oh well!

I got through ok and could hear my terminal being called...just in time. Wow, talk about close calls. I usually get there pretty early due to departure times and leave thinking that I rather be there earlier than later. It was ok. I had been upgraded to a "higher" level to get onto the plane and getting on quicker, but not first class.

No biggie. As people boarded, we found out that the person that was suppose to sit next to us, sat in the seat across the isle and the real person who was suppose to sit in that seat was going to switch with that girl, but went to the back and never came back...so that left the seat in the middle empty. (The guy next to be told me to put my arm rest down to place my "territory" as he was concerned that the person that was sitting in the middle was going to be "larger") it is true with our population these days being bigger and wider, seats on airplanes getting smaller and the tightness of travel is not much more comforting. I placed my arm rest down and waited, but no one ever came back.

The flight was short anyways from Charleston to Atlanta, Georgia, which was weird to me...but I'll go with the flow as my flight there would just add on mileage points on my air travel.

We arrived to Atlanta and I traveled to my next terminal finally looking at my next ticket to find that I had been upgraded to that flight as well! Wow! I was in first class! Who knew!

As I boarded, I found that the amenities of first class was not so great as the first flight. My first flight, I had a tv to myself and first class offered more room (me in one of those chairs is ridiculous, you can literally fit two of me in those chairs!) Which was more room, and a beverage in the beginning...and later on they brought you a place mat for food....food! Wow!

When the food came out, I was overly surprised because it wasn't your average airplane food, it was literally a full meal! 2 pieces of fried chicken (cold though) and fruit, dessert and bread sticks! Holly cow! I was way spoiled on this one and didn't expect that. Seriously!

Anyways, that was that...as now I land at LGA and homeward bound!
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