Today's recovery...

Weather: sunny
Temperature: 44 degrees

So today was a rather easy day, 6 miles, which ended up to being 7 miles in the end.

Decided against running in Central Park since I had ran my 21 miles there yesterday. So, decided to run near my apartment at the east river pathway.

When I went out, it was warmer than I had expected, being winter and all, I hated the fact of running in the cold. But decided to clean the apartment (my chore is sweeping and mopping the floor) and I haven't done that in a while, so I needed to! Anyways, I hate doing it because it always leaves my nose and throat all muffled due to the dust that builds up and my throat is often scratch in the end...uh!


Decided that since I had so much energy, I would now be able to run. It's often good to get motivated from others on facebook when reading other people's posts (thank you Merri S and Lora V for posting that you have ran earlier in the day)...so I couldn't be a slacker! Even though I ran 21 miles yesterday.

So...I went out, it was a beautiful day, as the sun was out and the temperature was 10...12 degrees warmer than yesterday!?! Seriously, during the winter, 5 degrees is a huge difference for me and I would take that any day of the week...which is good because this week is going to be pretty warm.
So...In the sun, it was beautiful...nice, warm and relaxing. A nice easy run to just go out and go for a relaxing run. I found a dear friend of mine as I passed her (elle g...as she was finishing her run) I said hello....I went up all the way to 125th street (where you cannot go anymore) and turned around...then went back.

I wanted to just change the scenery a little bit, but decided against it until I made my way to 81st, which avoids the staircase down. Then off to the streets!

In the shaded parts, it was cold, but it was nice and relaxing and I took off my running vest...
Finishing up on York, as I passed the hospital that I was staying at earlier last year when I had my hernia taken care of and where the day after old guys in the emergency room was passing me and scooting around as I layed in bed not even able to get up! Yes folks, it was bad...my blood pressure got as low as 60...and my heart rate got as low as 45...or was it 40?

Yup...anyways, don't want to go through that again...as I passed 72nd street and finished up...quick sprints to the finish...uh! Crazy fast, as I tried to elongate my stride...practice what you preach...

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