Start off the New Year!

Ok...so yes, New Years hit off with quite the Bang!

As last year's miles totalled out on my Garmin to being 1,641 miles totalling about 241 hours of running...but I think I far exceeded that because during my 100 miler, training others and well...not quite adding up...but I guess it's about 2K of miles! Crazy!

So...resolutions, resolutions for the upcoming year?

_run 2013 miles?
_write more in my blog...

I'm back and needed that year of time off. Going public is tough, but that year of rest was definitely needed.

So I finished off the 2012 year with dinner with the GF's NB's friends...fancy dinner on Sunday night, drinks and then work (which I had thought was going to be a rather light day in the office) turned out being quite the hectic day in place of the Midnight Run happening that night as there were many last minute sign ups and freak outs! I needed to console and put out some fires...not large at all.

But I ran into the park, carrying all of my fancy clothes in my backpack for the night and wanted to re-assure and make sure that everything was all settled for our events crew...re-assurance is something that I try harping on.

So, after that was over. I ran up to Harlem, totalling out 4.5 miles to end the year.

Ended up, we actually stayed in and had a chill night...but those two days of late nights killed me and I stayed in on New Years day - only going out for a run to start out the new year with 13.1 miles!

I wanted to swing by Times Square, although decided against it. I was lucky to catch one of my Flyer friends, SH as she kept me company for one of my two loops in Central Park.

Ate a delicious dinner that combined: Bacon, pasta, tomato sauce, corn & spinach.

Decided I needed some pictures, if not running, to entice people in my blog now.

Oh that's one in the books for the year!

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